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Optimizing the Vacuum Infusion Process

In the ever-evolving landscape of industry, staying at the forefront of innovation is imperative for sustained growth and success. Let’s learn more about TRYGONS SA and how the StairwAI programme helped develop their solution.


Business Category

  1. Please introduce your company in one sentence.
    TRYGONS SA is a composite parts manufacturer.
  2. Kindly provide a one-paragraph description of your project.
    The primary objective of this project is to develop an AI expert model that optimizes the vacuum infusion process by dynamically adjusting the quantities of catalysts and accelerators based on room temperature variations. This addresses a critical challenge specific to our production, as the mixing ratio of resin and catalyst plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the final product. The infusion process exhibits a high level of sensitivity to temperature, while room temperature fluctuations caused by external factors further complicate the maintenance of optimal conditions. Successful implementation of the developed AI model is expected to result in a reduction in cycle time, enhanced detection, and mitigation of potential production defects, as well as the optimization of energy consumption and reduction in material waste.
  3. How is the StairwAI support program contributing to the development of your solution?
    In the preliminary stage referred to as the feasibility plan, the StairwAI team’s provision of guidance and assistance will make a substantial contribution to the establishment of a resilient project framework, the definition of key performance indicators (KPIs), and the identification of essential intermediate steps required for the project’s progression. Additionally, the funding obtained through StairwAI will facilitate the acquisition of indispensable hardware and software equipment, which are imperative for the effective execution of our project. Lastly, the adoption of the indispensable ai4eu platform services assumes significant importance within the realm of AI model development.
  4. Could you outline the upcoming roadmap or plan for the next few months?
    Our plan for the upcoming months is summarized in the following steps: Conducting market research to identify appropriate sensory equipment that aligns with the project requirements. Compile a comprehensive Feasibility & Business plan. Developing the basic functions of the AI modelInstalling the selected sensory equipment to facilitate data collection for training and optimization of the AI model. Start collecting the required datasets. Training the AI model using the previously collected data. Testing and validation of the AI model to assess its performance, reliability, and effectiveness in optimizing the infusion process. Set up a dashboard interface to visualize and interpret the outputs of the AI model, providing an intuitive and user-friendly Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for operators.