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LIVE4ENV - Reducing the environmental impact of livestock farming and optimising resources using satellite imagery, IoT and AI

The aim of this project is to develop an AI-based service that assists livestock farmers decision-making by leveraging IoT and satellite imagery. The service is focused on optimizing the use of the available natural resources and reducing the negative effects of inadequate farming practices.


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AI services

What is the challenge that is being addressed?

The main challenge addressed by the project is the environmental impact of livestock farming. Livestock farming is a significant contributor to climate change and land degradation. However, when properly managed, livestock farming has the potential to reverse these trends and contribute to the conservation of biodiversity, carbon sequestration of pastures and the provision of nutrient-dense foods.

What is the AI solution the project has implemented?

The developed service includes several AI algorithms that are applied sequentially. First of all, a land-cover classification model for livestock farms based on multitemporal Sentinel-2 images has been developed. On top of that, livestock tracking information and Sentinel-2 images are added to the service to provide dynamic recommendations for livestock farmers making use of expert knowledge and rule-based AI.

Who helped implement the AI solution?

This solution is implemented in the context of LIVE4ENV, a winning project from the AI4Copernicus 3rd Open Call, by the Digitanimal company. The results of the project are available here.