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E-ModelOps: Empowering energy innovators with digital tools to accelerate the energy transition

E-ModelOps, the world's first ModelOps platform tailored for energy open-source forecasting, optimisation and simulation use-cases led by Snowball Technologies AB (previously Greenlytics AB) in Sweden, it will solve challenges in different domains: AI applications in energy, Data governance and data valorisation for energy services, Analytical applications in energy, Monitoring, energy usage optimisation and Demand forecast.


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AI services

Who will help implement the AI solution? 

Rebase is a digital energy startup based in Stockholm and operating in Europe. Rebase empowers energy service providers and energy companies with data and AI-based tools to plan and optimise distributed energy resources including solar PV, batteries and electric vehicles. 

Using RebaseModel, energy companies and real-estate owners can optimize and streamline the planning and operation of wind, solar PV, batteries, heat pumps and electric vehicles. Customer benefits include 20% energy forecast accuracy improvement, 90% time savings for optimised planning analyses. 

If you are interested in our company and/or I-NERGY project, please get in touch! You can reach us as

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What is the AI solution the project plans to implement? 

In the I-NERGY project E-ModelOps, Rebase is developing the first every ModelOps platform tailored for modelling distributed energy resources. The platform allows to accelerate creation, iteration, backtesting and deployment of state-of-the-art machine learning and optimisation models. As the more and more distributed energy resources gets integrated into the power grid more and better energy modelling is needed - this is exactly what E-ModelOps is enabling!