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Staff activity planner for nursing homes, able to optimally handle emergency and unexpected events.


DAMLIA software addresses the problem of optimization in Nursing Homes internal activities planning. Most of the management systems in this area are well designed platforms that can handle a great amount of information including staff (nursing, rehabilitation, clinicians) and guests detailed information with care activity planning based on individual needs and more general protocols. Anyways the daily activity plan for each operator is compiled only monthly or weekly in specific meetings and compiled manually, leading to a great waste of time when unexpected events, changings in guest health condition or changings in guests and staff composition (entrance of a new guest, absence of an operator) occur; this is due to the fact that the required actions to be taken are decided without an overall view of staff allocation an localization. The introduction of automatic procedures for re-planning and managing workloads in all these situations is the main target of the DAMLIA project.