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Fondazione Istituto Cavalier Francesco Menotti - ONLUS

The Institute Cavalier Francesco Menotti Foundation - ONLUS is a retirement home that welcomes 167 elderly people from the Lombardy region. The guests are over sixty-five with various geriatric pathologies and various social, health and welfare needs. The Foundation operates according to the principles of a non-profit, reinvesting any operating profits in improving the services offered.



The Institute Cavalier Francesco Menotti - ONLUS is an RSA (social-health care residence), which houses 167 elderly people. The available beds are accredited with the health system of the Lombardy region, therefore all guests welcomed must be residents of the same region. The Institute is made up of two hospitalization pavilions and an administrative building. Overall, there are 140 health and administrative workers present, to guarantee the functioning of the work 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The Foundation now has 100 years of history, and began with the death of Cavalier Menotti, by the will of his wife, Carolina Pugliese, who opened a shelter for the needy and poor in Cadegliano Viconago, the town where the Institute is based. Over the years the charitable activity has expanded, thanks also to the direction of don Garrone. Currently, the Institute guarantees quality care and assistance, according to guidelines and best practices, to chronic and subacute multi-pathological elderly people, always keeping the focus on compassion and charity in the activities carried out.


Via Garibaldi Menotti 15
21031 Cadegliano Viconago VA