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The AI-FireMap Project

In a world where the preservation and sustainable management of our natural environment have never been more critical, Omikron Environmental Consultants SA stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise. This private consulting company is dedicated to safeguarding, managing, and enhancing the natural world through a unique blend of cutting-edge technology solutions and integrated scientific approaches. Join us as we delve into the world of Omikron Environmental Consultants SA and discover how the StairwAI programme is helping them revolutionize environmental conservation in our ever-evolving landscape.


Business Category
Earth Observation

  1. Please introduce your company in one sentence.
    OMIKRON Environmental Consultants SA is a private consulting company in the fields of protection, management and enhancement of the natural environment through providing both integrated scientific approaches as well as new technology solutions.
  2. Kindly provide a one-paragraph description of your project.
    The project aims to integrate an automated AI-driven framework with our implemented and low-tech commercial methodological framework for longitudinal wildfire hazard maps to reduce the cost of sensor placement in the field, while reducing the number of sensors and maintaining an adequate level of protection.
  3. How is the StairwAI support program contributing to the development of your solution?
    The StairwAI support program plays a crucial role in the development of our solution by granting us access to a network of highly skilled AI experts. These experts possess valuable knowledge and expertise in the field of artificial intelligence, which can greatly enhance our current solution with the AI integration. Also, it offers us the opportunity to work with technical and business mentors so as to deal with the complexities of both the technical and business aspects of our solution.
  4. Could you outline the upcoming roadmap or plan for the next few months?
    In the upcoming months, the feasibility plan will be completed, and the project will transition into the pilot implementation phase.