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ADIOS: Anomaly Detection for grId Operational Stability

ADIOS, a project around anomaly detection for grid operational stability coordinated by IKIM ltd in Ireland, it will solve challenges in two areas of experimentation: AI applications in energy and Predictive maintenance.


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Who will help implement the AI solution? 

IKIM Digital Solutions was founded in 2018 and incorporated in 2020 in Ireland, and is focused on the provision of digital transformation solutions for the energy sector. Over the past 5 years, the team has developed machine learning models and software components for research institutes and energy system operators across Europe and the US - for anomaly detection, building models and alarm visualisation. 

The core team members have been working together since 2013 as software developers and technology solution providers in collaboration with successful software Start-ups and EPC companies. 


What is the AI solution the project plans to implement? 

Our ADIOS project aims to improve power grid operation stability and increase the integration of distributed renewable energies in the European power grid. The objective is to apply deep-learning techniques for early-stage anomaly detection on power generators and power grid components reducing contingencies and power line strains. 

The three primary objectives of the project will lead to new applications of deep learning for anomaly detection using a combination of techniques such as LSTM, GAN and autoencoders on substation and high voltage line sensor datasets to reduce faults and power flow imbalances improving grid operational stability. 

The knowledge and data used will be embedded in an open-source code repository for dissemination and communication of the advancements in state of the art and published on the AI4EU platform. 

The project will have a relevant impact on the EU policy regarding a reliable provision of energy - reducing carbon emissions, pollution, and fossil fuel - toward a resilient and greener integrated smart grid. 



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