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AI+MUNICH is driven by MUC SUMMIT GmbH

AI+MUNICH connects the Munich innovation ecosystem to develop a responsible and sustainable use of AI. We support start-ups in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to promote the innovation density based on this future-oriented technology in Southern Germany. Our mission is to make prototyping easy and affordable for teams that have not yet secured financial backing, while integrating them as active players in the already existing Munich innovation ecosystem.


Responsible AI made in Bavaria
AI+MUNICH is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and the EXIST funding program to promote AI start-ups as well as networking amongst universities and research institutions with existing AI companies and regional economies.

MUC SUMMIT GmbH is the project leader and promotes an AI ecosystem in the greater Munich area as an ecosystem integrator with the partners TUM Venture Labs, UnternehmerTUM, Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship gGmbH and the University of Applied Sciences Munich with MUC.DAI. 
The partner universities provide teaching and accelerator formats to increase the research transfer of undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to start Deep Tech companies. We support young talents to develop technologies for positive impact using innovative business models that contribute to transformations on a systemic level.
Selected startup projects are supported by Deep Tech experts in a sprint process to generate ideas for collaboration with cross-sector partners in Munich through the Munich Innovation Ecosystem.


What is the goal of AI+MUNICH?
To create an AI ecosystem that is embedded in the diverse entrepreneurial activities at the innovation location of Munich. The focus is on deep-tech startups that strive for responsible and impact-oriented entrepreneurship. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations serve as a benchmark. The stakeholders of AI+MUNICH expect about 95 AI-based startups to be founded in the funding period 2022 to 2025.
AI+MUNICH is embedded in the initiative “Munich Innovation Ecosystem”. The focus is on a joint AI startup process in which entrepreneurs and startups can participate in cooperation with the Munich Innovation Ecosystem. Founding teams, start-ups and ecosystem stakeholders work together in guided co-creation processes with the goal of generating scalable and internationally successful start-ups.


AI+MUNICH focuses on the following areas:



Networked, self-optimising AI models in the areas of mobility, production, security, health and climate protection contributing to the design of livable cities. By involving all stakeholders, the city becomes a knowledge and implementation laboratory in which everyone can continuously learn and participate.


In order to increase the number of deep-tech innovations, more research activities will be initiated, inventions and research results will be scouted, and solutions to challenges, problems and application cases will be developed. To this end, the creation of start-ups will be promoted primarily through co-creation.


Through a holistic understanding of the potential applications of AI technologies, sustainable added value will also be created at the societal level. Munich will become a pioneer in this field, as such systemic models help to better reflect the needs of society.

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