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An AI On-Demand Platform to Support Research Excellence in Europe

The main objective of AI4Europe is to support and facilitate a sustainable digital platform and experimentation environment through the creation of open research channels and mechanisms that foster the European AI research ecosystem, academic and industrial, and that maximises the academic, social, and industrial impact while it seamlessly integrates other projects, platforms, and solutions.


The AI-on-demand platform ( currently provides two main tools, namely a content management system with contents on AI research assets and select pilots and a tool for experimentation.

Furthermore, it connects the AI ecosystem through the Networks of AI ExcellenceCentres (NoEs) – ICT-48-2020, as producers of research on the platform – and the ICT-49-2020 projects, focused on SMEs and low-tech SMEs stakeholders.

Our vision of the platform... to provide a community driven tool to boost AI research that scientists can deploy, customise, and extend, and that is open, easily accessible, and distributes shared AI resources.The pillars to boost the AI scientific community ensuring high quality research on AI are reproducibility, collaboration, and tools to facilitate research experimentation.

The AI4Europe project launched in July 2022 with the aim to address the following challenges of the AI-on-demand platform:

  • to foster the increase of shared research and cooperation
  • to have a sustainability model that will self-sustain the platform in the long term
  • to achieve interoperability with existing platforms and ensure the flexibility to customise/adapt to the specificities of different communities
  • to enhance the amount of AI assets delivered on the platform

The AI4Europe project will extend, and improve the existing AI ecosystem of the AI-on-demand platform to incorporate and improve the use from the research, academic and innovation community, while continuing to support SMEs and connected projects. It will facilitate openness and transparent access to AI across a spectrum of stakeholders and provide them with tools that ease their needs and empower their understanding and research on AI.

Furthermore, AI4Europe will encourage transferrable research on AI to foster innovation, reducing the gap between industrial research and academic research. This will be achieved by ensuring that the AI-on-demand platform supports easily reproducible and open access results and outputs.

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