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R&D Nester - Centro de Investigação em Energia REN-State Grid, S.A

We are a global and independent R&D Center, with strategic thinking and a Multicultural DNA, innovating for a smart, clean, efficient and sustainable energy system.

R&D Nester - Creating a smart energy future.



We are fully engaged with the development of tomorrow's energy systems. We work hard to ensure a clean, reliable, safe and more economical energy for current and future generations.

We provide an international platform for knowledge, delivering innovative solutions, approaches and methods to be applied into energy systems. We provide new tools, strategies and processes, well-tuned to the new energy paradigm, and serving as a driving force towards more efficient and sustainable energy systems. We enhance the shareholders' international reputation, in the fields of power systems operation and planning.

The R&D Nester's works shall be pursued through three interdependent acting vectors:

• Research, development, innovation and demonstration in the energy sector;

• Consulting services in the scope of R&D activities;

• Education and training services.


Rua Cidade de Goa, 4-B
2685-038 Sacavém

Involved in following Projects


I-NERGY is an EU-funded H2020 innovation project around Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Next Generation Energy aiming at reshaping the energy sector value chain towards better business and operational performance, increased environmental sustainability, ...