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AI on-demand for SMEs

Are you an SME?

Find out about AI solutions, funding opportunities and more     


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Case Studies

Not sure how your company could benefit from AI?

Explore our AI use-cases across different verticals to find out how AI could provide value to you.

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Open Calls

Explore our Open Calls to find funding and support opportunities for SMEs and more

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Ethics Guide

You want to learn more about trustworthy AI or make sure that your AI solution follows the EU's ethical guidelines?

Discover assessment tools and articles on the AI on-demand platform.


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online course

AI Courses

Are you looking to learn more about AI?
Explore the course catalogue of the AI on-demand platform.


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AI On-Demand Services

Experiments, Matchmaking, Digital Innovation Hubs, Planning, Earth Observation, Cyber Physical systems and Energy.


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