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Generalized Funnelling

Cross-lingual Text Classification (CLC) consists of automatically classifying, according to a common set C of classes, documents each written in one of a set of languages L, and doing so more accurately than when “naïvely” classifying each document via its corresponding language-specific classifier. To obtain an increase in the classification accuracy for a given language, the system thus needs to also leverage the training examples written in the other languages. We tackle “multilabel” CLC via funnelling, a new ensemble learning method that we propose here. Funnelling consists of generating a two-tier classification system where all documents, irrespective of language, are classified by the same (second-tier) classifier. For this classifier, all documents are represented in a common, language-independent feature space consisting of the posterior probabilities generated by first-tier, language-dependent classifiers. This allows the classification of all test documents, of any language, to benefit from the information present in all training documents, of any language.