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Predictive Maintenance - HELIOS-AI

Predictive maintenance for a public lighting control system


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StairwAI First Open Call Challenge 4: Predictive maintenance


What is the challenge that is being addressed?

Our company has a HELIOS public lighting Telemanagement system ( that is installed in more than 40 cities in Spain, with thousands of remotely managed points, both at the level of control of electrical panels and at the level of luminaires.

We collect data from all these IoT elements of our facilities, but the truth is that they are not used except in the event of an audit.


What is the AI solution the project plans to implement?

We understand that with the help of some AI system, we will be able to establish a predictive maintenance policy based on the different readings of the power quality parameters of the supply.

It is possible that some pattern of behavior will be found, some correlation of values of registered variables, which indicate a possible breakdown, in the near future of some device involved in the management of lighting in a city.
Our team is convinced that AI can bring a lot of value to predictive maintenance, and we want to explore this path.

We understand that this project will give us a boost to transfer our idea of predictive maintenance in the HELIOS lighting remote management system to a TRL7.
The result of the project will allow us to develop a new service to offer our customers and will allow us to adjust the product stock based on a possible demand due to breakdown.


Who will help implement this solution?

Interfaces Hombre Máquina Avanzados S.L.


This project is funded and supported through the first Open Call of the StairwAI project.

The selected company will receive a maximum of €60.000, that includes:

  1. fixed lump-sum: up to € 26 000
  2. vouchers: up to € 10 000 to access HW Resources and up to € 24 000 for AI experts (mentors and system integrators).
    • Support from Technical and Business Experts and access to specialized tools as a part of a Support Program.
    • levelling up the business in terms of AI maturity.
    • Improving key processes in the company, which will increase competitiveness.


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