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The Logify Project

In an era where streamlined logistics and efficient business processes are paramount, Digital System Integration (DSI) has emerged as a pioneering force in the realm of system integration and digitalization. With a focus on the logistics sector, DSI’s latest innovation, “Logify,” presents a groundbreaking solution designed to transform the way dispatchers in forwarding companies handle incidents. Let’s find out how the StairwAI programme helped DSI.


Business Category

  1. Please introduce your company in one sentence.
    Our Company Digital System Integration (DSI) is specialized in system integration and digitalization of business processes in the logistic area. With “Logify”, we developed a special incident management system, which supports dispatchers of forwarding companies in the automated, structured and documented handling of incidents.
  2. Kindly provide a one-paragraph description of your project.
    The project aims to develop and pilot a novel AI-based incident detection and prevention service. The service should enrich existing process data from freight forwarders with additional data from external portals, such as weather data, traffic or construction information. Based on the enriched data, the AI should find incident patterns.
  3. How is the StairwAI support program contributing to the development of your solution?
    StairwAI gives us the opportunity to build up a cooperation with AI experts which can help us to solve our incident detection problem.
  4. Could you outline the upcoming roadmap or plan for the next few months?
    Next, we start with the match making of the AI expert. Afterwards, we discuss the problem, setup a experiment with defined goal and specific data set. Based on this, we try to develop together with the export the AI solution solving our incident detection problem. Finally, we evaluate the developed solution.