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Incorporating AI into IoT Devices

The StairwAI support program has been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of LaSiesta’s ambitious project. Read on the interview and learn more about their project.


  1. Who are you?
    We are a Spanish engineering company, specialized in electronics engineering with focus on miniaturization of IoT.
  2. What is your project about?
    We develop biologgers, solar-powered, with very low power consumption, which offer the most demanded features such as motion and location logging but also radio beacon and the possibility of drop-off on demand.
  3. In what ways did the StairwAI support program contribute to the development of your solution?
    StairwAI support LaSiesta to acquire the methodology and knowledge necessary to incorporate intelligence into the IoT devices developed by the company and, in turn, expand the capabilities of our analytical tools in the cloud.
  4. What notable accomplishment stands out as the biggest success you have achieved as a result of your participation in the StairwAI program?
    We have been able to have a dataset to develop and incorporate advanced AI functionalities in our products.

LaSiesta’s story exemplifies the transformative power of AI and how strategic support from initiatives like StairwAI can shape the future of technology!