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Greenseq Ltd. Finland, Excellence in Molecular Microbiology Research Tools and Services!

Discover how the StairwAI second open call programme is helping Greenseq Ltd. Finland develop their tools with AI. Read below:


  1. Please introduce your company in one sentence.
    Greenseq Ltd. Finland – Quality research tools, reference materials and analysis services of molecular microbiology.
  2. Kindly provide a one-paragraph description of your project.
    Climate change, population growth and antimicrobial resistance have led to the emergence of new microbes and the transformation of previously controlled diseases. Thus, environmental data archival efforts and human disease trend detection are now more critical than ever. Wastewater-Based Surveillance (WBS) is a tool that provides a cost-effective population-level disease surveillance strategy. WBS has been used to understand COVID-19, influenza A, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infection rates at a community level. This recent success has expanded interest in further exploiting the wastewater matrix for population-level monitoring since the infrastructure can be used for infectious disease control. WBS approaches combined with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) methods enable comprehensive investigation of, for example, complex genetic material. NGS metagenomics identifies all organisms in a sample, including human-associated pathogens.
  3. How is the StairwAI support program contributing to the development of your solution?
    AI-based methods of utilising metagenomics data are needed to produce models that could simulate and extrapolate beyond the datasets’ limits.
  4. Could you outline the upcoming roadmap or plan for the next few months?
    We will analyse the capability of AI to detect wastewater genetic material.

Let’s see how the implementation of AI can improve their solutions!