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EVENFLOW Use Cases: Personalised Medicine

A growing number of applications rely on AI-based solutions to carry-out mission-critical tasks, many of which are of temporal nature, dealing with ever-evolving flows of information. Crucial for mitigating threats and taking advantage of opportunities in such domains, is the ability to forecast imminent situations and critical complex events ahead of time. The EVENFLOW project works on developing hybrid learning techniques for complex event forecasting, which combine deep learning with logic-based learning and reasoning into neuro-symbolic forecasting models.

EVENFLOW conducts research work on three challenging use cases related to i) oncological forecasting in personalised medicine, ii) safe and efficient behaviour of autonomous transportation robots in smart factories and iii) reliable life cycle assessment of critical infrastructure.


Business Category

The EVENFLOW project has a special focus on Personalised Medicine, aiming to understand how tumours grow in different people. This understanding will help researchers find better and more personalised solutions for cancer treatment. Tumour growth is a complex and evolving process, starting from early stages and progressing to later ones. As the tumour grows, its molecular characteristics also change. To study these changes, data is collected at various stages of tumour growth. However, this data collection from patients is often incomplete, limited, and discontinuous.

To overcome gaps in the data, EVENFLOW harnesses the power of special computer programs called deep generative models. These intelligent programs help piece together a continuous view of the changes that occur during tumour growth, much like connecting the dots in a puzzle. By utilising EVENFLOW’s advanced technology, researchers gain the ability to predict how a patient’s condition might change during cancer progression, much like predicting the weather.

This valuable forecast will empower doctors to make informed decisions and offer personalised care to each patient, significantly improving their chances of overcoming  the disease. In a nutshell, EVENFLOW acts as a personal guide for cancer treatment, assisting doctors in understanding how each patient’s tumour behaves. This way, treatments can be tailored to provide the best possible outcomes for each individual.