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Digital Health Coach - ROBOT-AI

Advanced natural dialog for a digital health coach - supporting frail seniors through "humanlike" interaction


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StairwAI First Open Call Challenge 9: Chatbots


What is the challenge that is being addressed?

LIZ ( is a collaborative embodied digital coach that supports frail seniors in healthy living and behaviour change. LIZ is designed to collaborate with healthcare professionals; the digital coach and the healthcare professional team up and complement each other in supporting the senior. Current eHealth solutions are generally screen-based (apps, websites). Screen-based solutions are however mostly not well suited for (frail) seniors. Seniors experience barriers towards using screen-based applications, and health apps are not used on a regular basis. This is a missed opportunity, because digital solutions could potentially support seniors in improving their quality of life significantly.

At present, communication between the digital coach LIZ and the senior patient is limited to speech output (the digital coach talks to the patient) and screen input (the patient can select dialog options from screen). In this project we want to take this communication to the next level: natural interaction.

What is the AI solution the project plans to implement?

Our project focusses on StairwAI challenge 9: Chatbots, applying NLP and NLU in the context of health coaching, including lessons learned from our existing digital coach product. The project aims to enhance the existing LIZ digital coach with natural interaction. Rather than using solely pre-structured dialogs, we will use AI models to understand the input from the patient and map this input to the dialog. A significant challenge lies in translating text processing and models for analysis of patient records to personalize the dialogs between LIZ and individual users.

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Who will help implement this solution?

ConnectedCare Services b.v.

This project is funded and supported through the first Open Call of the StairwAI project.

The selected company will receive a maximum of €60.000, that includes:

  1. fixed lump-sum: up to € 26 000
  2. vouchers: up to € 10 000 to access HW Resources and up to € 24 000 for AI experts (mentors and system integrators).
    • Support from Technical and Business Experts and access to specialized tools as a part of a Support Program.
    • levelling up the business in terms of AI maturity.
    • Improving key processes in the company, which will increase competitiveness.


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