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Cancer Support Chatbot - Care Across Ltd

A cancer support chatbot driven by scientific evidence and ethical AI, leading to deep data & metadata collection for R&D & patient empathy


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StairwAI First Open Call Challenge 9: Chatbots 


What is the challenge that is being addressed? 

CareAcross runs online platforms that support our users (i.e. cancer patients & caregivers). This is driven by structured questionnaires, static algorithms based on rules (not AI), and custom content. These services are provided in 6 languages and several European countries, making it harder to manage user interactions, as well as respond to incoming emails. This does not scale well and can lead to negative user experiences. 

Still, CareAcross has significantly impacted patients’ quality of life (as presented at the world’s 2 largest oncology congresses in 2021). 


What is the AI solution the project plans to implement? 

Through the proposed Project, CareAcross aims to build a chatbot, initially based on the current web-based services: offer answers and support on side-effects, nutrition, exercise, mental health, etc. 
Furthermore, it will enhance these via AI-driven personalisation, improved sequences, emotional-intelligence and -state detection, trust buildup and more. 
Moreover, AI adoption will drive new services to users (including personalised referrals to professionals; prevention and public health services; etc) and to business partners (including big data services; commission-based referrals to service providers; white label solutions; public health services etc).  

Thus, the Project will deploy chatbots to better serve current users (in 6 countries and 6 languages): it will improve company’s services through a vastly enhanced experience, leading to significant data collection opportunities and a basis for substantial innovation. 
Chatbots will also attract new users to the service, via greatly improved user “acquisition” process (and costs) and via embedding in partners’ websites (eg clinics etc). 
Finally, it will accelerate our ability to launch in new markets, geographies and languages, due to easier deployment, and optimised content translation processes. 


Who will help implement this solution? 



This project is funded and supported through the first Open Call of the StairwAI project. 

The selected company will receive a maximum of €60.000, that includes:  

  1. fixed lump-sum: up to € 26 000  

  1. vouchers: up to € 10 000 to access HW Resources and up to € 24 000 for AI experts (mentors and system integrators).  

  • Support from Technical and Business Experts and access to specialized tools as a part of a Support Program.  

  • levelling up the business in terms of AI maturity.  

  • Improving key processes in the company, which will increase competitiveness. 


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