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Calculate CO2 Emissions from Transport Activity Data

DS Freight Forwarding is a leading global freight forwarder, dedicated to offering expert logistics solutions tailored to the unique needs of the dairy and frozen product industries. Learn more about their participation in the StairwAI 1st open call.


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  1. Who are you?
    DS Freight Forwarding is an international freight forwarder providing specialized logistics services for dairy and frozen products.
  2. What is your project about?
    The objective of our pilot project supported by StairwAI was to develop a software system to calculate CO2 emissions from transport activity data collected from our carrier partners and predict CO2 per carrier/freight before assignment.
  3. In what ways did the StairwAI support program contribute to the development of your solution?
    StairwAI supported us with technical know-how and financial resources, including procuring expert consulting services to prototype an innovative solution.
  4. What notable accomplishment stands out as the biggest success you have achieved as a result of your participation in the StairwAI program?
    Developing a service that can reliably predict the carbon footprint of a shipment before it actually takes place provides us with a way to offer alternative transport service options to our customers. This not only helps our customers take steps to reduce their emissions but also offers a clear differentiation from our competition.

Congratulations on your achievements, and may your journey be filled with even more remarkable breakthroughs!