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Automatic Classification of Behavioural Patterns - SIGLOC_AI

Detection of behavioural patterns, sickness and death in small location and activity trackers for animals


StairwAI First Open Call Challenge 3: Management of data generated by IoT


What is the challenge that is being addressed?

La Siesta Technologies has developed a range of devices aimed at wildlife monitoring. These devices are used by researchers in the discipline called "movement ecology" for behavioural studies in birds, and also by experts in monitoring protected wildlife. In these cases, they are often used to try to determine the cause of death in birds and take action, for which automatic classification of behaviors, and early and reliable detection of the animal's death is critical.
Current kill detection systems are based on the inactivity measurement of accelerometers, but we think that there could be much more accurate methods that combine on-device processing with cloud-based data analysis.
On the other hand, it would help to locate areas of poisoned food if we can automatically detect some patterns related with hunting/feeding and relate with posterior death.

StairwAI use case


What is the AI solution the project plans to implement?

Using AI techniques for automatic classification of behavioural patterns, and notably accurate detection of death, wildlife tracking systems would not only act as a passive loggers of data for visualisation of nice accelerometer graphs or last gps positions on a map, but could help to improve the understanding of the habits and routines of these birds, as well as the areas where to act to avoid avoidable deaths (poisoning, electrocution and collision) and accidents.

For protected species conservation experts, adding AI based detection of behavioral patterns and death would help them to identify areas of routine killings and potential poaching and poisoning activities, with the ability to act quickly in these situations.



Who will help implement this solution?

La Siesta Technologies SL

StairwAI use case


This project is funded and supported through the first Open Call of the StairwAI project.

The selected company will receive a maximum of €60.000, that includes:

  1. fixed lump-sum: up to € 26 000
  2. vouchers: up to € 10 000 to access HW Resources and up to € 24 000 for AI experts (mentors and system integrators).
    • Support from Technical and Business Experts and access to specialized tools as a part of a Support Program.
    • levelling up the business in terms of AI maturity.
    • Improving key processes in the company, which will increase competitiveness.


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