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Atmospheric Data Derived from Cosmic Rays

Hidronav Technologies SL is a pioneering company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology through its innovative approach to scientific and industrial applications of Cosmic Rays. Learn more about their project!


  1. Who are you?
    Hidronav Technologies SL focuses on developing innovative scientific and industrial applications of Cosmic Rays in the frontiers of the technology.
  2. What is your project about?
    Unprecedented real time Atmospheric Data derived from Cosmic Rays at ground level for state-of-the-art climate data services.
  3. In what ways did the StairwAI support program contribute to the development of your solution?
    The StairwAI programme provided the necessary resources and expertise to successfully apply AI techniques to the project.
  4. What notable accomplishment stands out as the biggest success you have achieved as a result of your participation in the StairwAI program?
    Thanks to the pilot, we successfully classified near real time Cosmic Rays at ground level with physical states of the atmosphere with synthetic data.

It brings us immense joy to learn about the progress made in your project, all made possible through the StairwAI open call!