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Explore the AI On-Demand Services


Explore the AI on-demand Services

Find out which services could provide value to you or your business

AI-on-demand Services

    • An Experimentation service for AI developers with access to our resources and an open space to develop AI solutions
    • DIH Support service for SMEs and tech governmental agencies
    • Planning and Scheduling service for companiesSMEs and innovators
    • scalable AI-as-a Service service for the Deep Edge helping SMEs digitalise
    • Matchmaking service for connecting businesses, AI experts & hardware providers & exploring AI in different languages
    • An Earth Observation service for users of Copernicus data (scientists, SMEs, etc.)
    • An AI in Energy service for SMEs reshaping their energy value chain



Experiments and Sandbox

Open space for AI developers that offers visual and intuitive design methods. Facilitates the creation of human-centered AI-solutions, building modular structures and using hybrid AI technologies.

Discover our resources, develop your own solutions, collaborate and share your ideas and solutions with the AI community.


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Connecting AI experts and hardware providers with SMEs, public administrators and researchers for AI solution development.

You don't know what you don't know? Explore in your own language

Monetise your infrastructure deploying research tools or supporting partnerships


Coming Soon

Earth Observation

Find out what value AI can bring to Earth Observation (EO).

Linking users of Copernicus data (scientists, SMEs, etc.) and the DIAS platforms with Artificial Intelligence. 

Offering AI4Copernicus datasets and tools and services relevant to Copernicus data.

Coming Soon
AI in Energy

Energy Service

Explore how AI will reshape the energy value chain.

Evolving, upscaling and demonstrating innovative AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) Energy Analytics Applications and digital twins services.

Coming Soon

Planning Service

AI facilitating the process of deciding what to do in order to achieve a desired objective.

Bringing the most advanced planning technology Europe has to offer to companiesSMEs and innovators

Demonstrating how this technology can be adopted in different scenarios, boosting the use of planning technologies even in non-technical businesses.


Coming Soon

Cyber Physical systems

AI-as-a-Service for the Deep Edge

Helping SMEs digitalise by allowing them to access, implement and make use of Artificial Intelligence in an easy and affordable way.

Offering a series of modular services—such as experimentation, model compression, optimisation, benchmarking, and deployment on hardware and security—that will increase AI usage among enterprises and SMEs.

Coming Soon

Digital Innovation Hubs

A dynamic European network of regional AI DIHs and AI Testing and Experimental Facilities (AI TEFs)

Ensuring deployment of available state-of-the-art European AI capacities and capabilities.

Supporting joint development and provision of ecosystem-business-technology-transformation services targeting local SMEs and tech governmental agencies.

Coming Soon