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Working Groups

A common space for collaboration and reflection on Technical, Ethical, Legal, Social, Economic and Cultural issues of AI 

Working Groups (WGs) are semi-organised groups which gather people both within and outside the AI4EU project. They aim to create a common space for reflection on Technical, Ethical, Legal, Social, Economic and Cultural issues of AI leveraging the contributions of experts from different fields and sectors. Participation is free and voluntary.

Technical Governance Board

The Technical Governance Board (TGB) is a Working Group working on the technical implementation of the AI-on-demand platform, ensuring the easy integration of services and assets.

Working Group for Communication

There are two main Communications Working Groups: the ICT-49 Communications Working Group and the ICT-48 Communications Group. Both Working Groups are connected through their chairs.

Working Group for Ontology

The Ontology Working Group is a group that is working under the umbrella of the Technical Governance Board (TGB) of the AI on demand platform, but with “independent workflows".

Who is involved?

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