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Driving the Future of Water Resource Recovery Facilities through Data Intelligence

The EU-funded DARROW project will build a data-driven solution to optimise resource recovery from wastewater


Global challenges such as climate change and water scarcity have changed our view of wastewater. It is now considered a valuable source of clean water, nutrients and energy. This paradigm shift has been accompanied by a transformation of wastewater treatment plants into water resource recovery facilities. Exploiting data through artificial intelligence tools has the potential to accelerate this transformation.

DARROW will develop and validate an innovative, modular and flexible AI system to optimise the performance of wastewater treatment plants, making them more autonomous and efficient. This will contribute to a greener planet by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of wastewater treatment plants, while simultaneously increasing resource recovery and improving water quality. 

The DARROW project combines expertise from the water and AI industries. The interdisciplinary team consists of 8 project partners from 4 different EU countries (Spain, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands), among which, 3 RTOs, 1 university, 1 NPO and 3 SMEs. 

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