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ARtificial Intelligence Skills Alliance

The project will support the implementation of the Pact for Skills by developing a sectoral skills strategy on AI. This strategy aims for systemic and structural impact on reducing skills shortages, gaps, and mismatches, as well as ensuring appropriate quality and levels of skills.

Funding Call

The growing demand for skilled employees within the Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot be met by current education and training programmes. Europe needs an innovative European AI Strategy that can fast-track the upskilling and of the EU’s workforce to meet this ever-increasing demand.

The ARISA project configurating the European AI Skills Alliance, sets up a consortium of 16 partners and 4 associated partners and brings together key Industry and Education stakeholders from across the domain. The ARISA consortium will work together to develop, implement and disseminate an AI European Strategy that will tackle the current and future skills shortages in the AI Sector, enabling continuous development, innovation and competitiveness within the industry.

Activities in ARISA:

  • Establishment of a long-term partnership for an innovative European Artificial Intelligence Skills Alliance
  • Design of an innovative and sustainable short term and long term Strategy
  • Development, testing and roll-out of VET and HE training curricula in 8 pilot sites (5 universities and 3 VET providers)
  • Adaptation of programmes and qualifications in line with latest market needs.

Assets related to ARISA