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TOPALLI AI CONSULTANCY has been setup in 2018 with the target of giving consultancy and training services dedicated to the R&D staff, especially in artificial intelligence area.

We aim to share on a larger scale our knowledge and experiences which we have gained and used both in our MSc and PhD thesis and in industry.



  • We have experience in all four: AI, R&D, software and education (30+ international scientific papers, 10+ patents, MSc and PhD thesis on AI).
  • Our target audience is R&D employees, especially software engineers, test engineers, and managers.
  • We provide real examples based on our R&D experience in every situation where the existing training speaks theoretically.
  • We promise not only theory but practical experience.
  • We are aware that it is not an easy task to give training to R&D engineers and managers (it is difficult to convince somebody smarter than you to learn from you, it is necessary to gain her trust). Our assurance is our past and our similar experiences.
  • We have seminars and technical training prepared directly for R&D employees.
  • We provide consultancy services and organize training sessions for the companies that come in contact with us by identifying their needs.



93 Aldwick Road
Bognor Regis, West Sussex
United Kingdom