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Simtera has a product called Fabmetrics to make Industry 4.0 happen easily. We believe that companies don't utilize valuable data generated by machines and its sensor. Our vision is to help industries to explore the opportunities of upcoming technologies such as IoT and deep learning to increase their efficiency and product quality.



FabMetrics offers a comprehensive platform that transforms traditional manufacturing processes into sophisticated, digital operations. Our low-code platform integrates digital services into industrial products, optimizing functionality and data flow. Key features include:

  • FabMetrics Insight: Provides real-time digital representation of manufacturing processes, with intuitive dashboards and analytics for in-depth insights.
  • FabMetrics MES: Streamlines maintenance operations with custom interfaces for shop floor management, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • DigiTW: Our Digital Twin technology that mirrors factories and equipment in a virtual space, fostering an advanced environment for human-machine interaction.
  • FabMetrics AI: A custom AI solution that supports real-time analysis and predictive operations through robust data pipelines.
  • FabMetrics ShareX: The latest solution in our portfolio, offering advanced capabilities in manufacturing process management and operational analytics.

This comprehensive suite of solutions positions FabMetrics at the forefront of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry, paving the way for smarter, AI-driven operations.


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34906 Pendik/İstanbul