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AI-based technology transfer. Converting science into innovative products and services to positively impact society. Our platform enables automated scouting of innovation opportunities in science – the starting point of many innovations.



ScoutinScience specializes in collecting, aggregating, processing, and ranking scientific publications obtained from a wide range of public and private data sources. Using our suite of state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) techniques (including BERT models), the Business Potential Score (BPS) is determined for every paper which describes its tech-transfer potential. We utilize a tailor-made AI/ML pipeline for each scientific domain. The processing steps evaluate different aspects of the publications, for instance: the overall scientific/technological contribution, tech-transfer summary, predicted technology readiness level, or the exact sub-field and topics of the work. The extracted features are connected with other databases, for example, to assess the current industrial trends of the article's subfield. Moreover, we embrace explainable AI so that our clients always get the relevant evidence to verify the results. As such, enabling you to find technology transfer opportunities accessibly and reliably through our online platform.


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