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MJC² develops lightning-fast algorithms to solve very large, complex planning and scheduling problems, addressing the ever-increasing demand for dynamic planning and real-time optimization in business and industry operations.



Our software addresses areas such as distribution planning, strategic logistics optimization, real-time scheduling, advanced manufacturing planning, employee scheduling and rostering.

We offer solutions which cover all time frames, from real-time scheduling of resources through to weekly, monthly and yearly strategic planning. 

MJC²'s scheduling and optimization systems address many industry sectors and applications:

  • Logistics - distribution scheduling, vehicle routing, multidepot & trunking operations
  • Manufacturing - factory planning, real-time production scheduling and capacity planning
  • Supply Chain - strategic optimization, demand planning and resilience optimization
  • Resources - staff & equipment scheduling, rostering and mobile workforce planning

In addition we provide flexible planning & scheduling systems and tailored optimization solutions for complex operations which cannot be modelled by off-the-shelf solutions.

Our research & development activity and collaboration with leading universities and innovators around the World allows us to offer our clients leading edge solutions, powered by advanced algorithms which can exploit complementary developments such as Industry 4.0, IoT, 5G and GNSS.


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United Kingdom