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Inceptive is a french SME providing consulting service on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We also develop our Saas solution, Robo Fabrica, allowing our customers to build and deploy chatbots,
Inceptive is a I-Nergy second open call winner, with its project AI4CZC.



Inceptive is a french SME created in 2017 with two core activities: the commercialisation and exploitation of a proprietary chatbot creation platform, Robo Fabrica, and expert consulting services on AI and Machine Learning (ML). 

Robo Fabrica is a mature SaaS platform for users to create, customize and deploy chatbots on their website. Robo Fabrica is used by public and private organizations and supports several million conversations per year.

For AI consulting, Inceptive has a deep understanding of how AI technologies work and proprietary tools to rapidly build, test and validate new predictive models. Inceptive assists its clients make the most of their databuilding AI-based assets to solve complex problems. Inceptive has spent 5 years developing its own ML tools (IGLOO suite) to speed-up model development and validation. The platform is used on the entire lifespan of a model, from quick prototyping to deployment and maintenance.
Igloo has been successfully used in many internal and commercial projects related to social support, energy (heat) optimization and water consumption forecast

Inceptive is proudly one of I-nergy second call winner and works at the moment on AI4CZC.


4 Boulevard Edouard Rey
38000 Grenoble