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The Privacy Data Ecosystem



Hupry is a Web3 Deep Tech startup in the field of Data Privacy. We specialize in technologies and algorithms to protect data, enhance security, and improve business. Our goal is to make possible computation and analytics with sensitive data, allowing a protected data sharing form of private information. 

At Hupry, we understand that data privacy is more important than ever. 
That's why we're at the forefront of data reconstruction, differential privacy, synthetic data, and artificial intelligence methods – so you can create a more secure business. With our powerful APIs, you can share your information securely while preserving its quality. We use the power of statistical learning to ensure the quality of data and give you the possibility to safely share your data. With us, you can create a more secure business.

Data breaches are never good, but with Hupry, you don't have to worry about your data being leaked and put at risk. With Hupry's differential privacy technology, you can safely store and utilize your information while maintaining individual privacy.

Differential privacy allows companies to collect and use personal information to provide services without compromising individual privacy. We synthesize the user's private information with publicly available information with artificial intelligence-based methods, which appears like a new dataset. With this process, we can protect the confidentiality of individuals without affecting the quality of the processing result for everyone else.

We are a Web3 Deep Tech Company that does not believe in limitations or borders when it comes.


228 Park Ave S, PMB 23889
New York, NY 10003
United States