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At Geoskop we are a Climate Intelligence boutique offering unique climate predictive insights to the industry to help our clients adapt their decision-making towards Climate Change.



Geoskop™ is a Spanish startup incorporated in Barcelona, Spain in March 2020.

We are the bridge between Climate and the energy sector. Our goal is to provide predictive Climate Intelligence to the energy sector, hence promoting the Climate Adaptation and Climate Mitigation processes of our clients thanks to our unique climate forecasting algorithmsWe forecast weather variables such as temperature, wind speed, clouds, etc. from a year up to several decades ahead. Our forecasts have global reach and have been scientifically validated.

Thanks to our technology and expertise, our clients benefit from:

  • I. (OpEx Costs reduction) Planning operations, budget, and business’ risks every fiscal year with unique climate forecasts based on scientific evidence.
  • II. (CapEx Risk reduction) Reducing costs associated to wrong investment valuation due to the impact of Climate Change or the unplanned extreme / rare events, such as heatwaves
  • III. (Multidepartment Sustainability) Accessing to state-of-the-art and multidepartment climate information that will increase the Climate Adaptation (European Sustainable Taxonomy) capabilities of any organitzation

To name an example, climate fluctuations throughout the year can have a negative impact to mid- and long-term energy contracts, becoming these lasts insufficient to cover actual energy needs. Acquiring short-term power contracts (e.g. 6 month contract) can costs millions to power distributors and end-consumers. Thanks to Geoskop’s Climate Intelligence and its energy demand forecasts, the risk of dealing with short-term power contracts is reduced.

Since its beginnings, Geoskop has been working for multiple clients around the globe forecasting the wind and solar power production and the expected market demand, among other strategical variables. Our results are always based on the expected climate impact and validated with the client.


Esteve Terrades 1
Edifici RDIT
08860 Castelldefels Barcelona

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