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Filuta AI

Filuta is a B2B SaaS intelligent automation platform that enables the creation of Composite AI solutions through self-supervised learning and automatic symbolic domain synthesis techniques.



Filuta AI Platform

The Filuta platform aims to address the limitations of current AI and ML tooling by providing a versatile environment for composing and integrating multiple modeling techniques, such as AI Planning, machine learning, scheduling, graph theory, constraint programming, linear programming, and large language models. Recognizing the value of the composition approach in solving real-world problems, the platform facilitates learning individual models from data subsets, enabling user augmentation, and generating stand-alone intelligent automation services.

Filuta runs and manages the intelligent automation services over the complete life-cycle providing observability, scalability, A/B testing, continuous deployment, and testing out-of-the-box.

We are a profoundly innovative team of scientists and engineers with experience in serial entrepreneurship and corporate software engineering. We are rapidly growing with customers in the EU and US, and providing tangible ethical value across many industries.


Krymská 238/18
10100 Praha