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anch.AI is a startup based in Stockholm providing an Ethical AI Governance platform to comply with EU regulations and avoid risks when it comes to developing and using AI as part of your business.



Provider of the Ethical AI Governance Platform launched in 2022. The platform is a manifestation of the state-of-the-art anch.AI 5-step methodology. Our multidisciplinary research on governing AI ethical risks started in 2016. Almost 200 AI use cases has been screened for ethical risk exposure by using our methodology. Through workflow and orchestration, the platform connects people, data and processes. Closing the loop between visibility, recommendation and action.

We are an independent validator for Ground Truth of Ethical AI with data supporting auditing, reporting and governance.

We are also currently deploying an AI Act Governance Sandbox; a safe test environment for how your AI projects are affected by the upcoming EU regulations on AI. The sandbox is a forum for knowledge sharing, discussions on best practices, and it will give you the latest updates on the regulation.