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About the AI-on-Demand Platform


The AI-on-demand platform (AIoD) is a community-driven channel designed to empower european research and innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI), while ensuring the european seal of quality, trustworthiness and explainability.

Open and easily accessible, aiod facilitates knowledge sharing, research experimentation and development of state-of-the art solutions and technologies related with artificial intelligence. The AIoD platform can be used by the AI community to:

  • Share AI-related knowledge, assets, services or tools.
  • Make use of the numerous available resources.
  • Learn about the potential and opportunities of ai applications.
  • Engage with other peers and experts.



To create a thriving european ai research ecosystem driven by AI excellence, through a channel that fosters collaboration, reproducibility and experimentation, while maximising academic, social and industrial impact. 


Why use AIoD?

Scientists, researchers and innovators often invest a lot of effort and time to identify trustworthy, high-quality datasets, algorithms, or even find efficient mechanisms to communicate, cooperate, and engage with other peers in an open and transparent manner.

Aiod responds to these needs by:


  • Facilitating openness and transparent access to ai, providing tools that ease its understanding and research.
  • Fostering an ecosystem of excellence and accelerating the adoption of solutions based on ai.
  • Empowering its users to be part of the platform, allowing them to contribute to its growth and evolution by incorporating their needs into new developments.
  • Offering an environment for upskilling, knowledge transfer, experimentation and innovation.

AIoD contributes to the success of the european ai strategy, providing a mechanism that unites the paradigm of ai research application and data, while ensuring the european seal of quality, trustworthiness and explainability.

AIoD in a Nutshell - AIoD Benefits


AIoD Governance Model

AIoD aims to develop efficient and collaborative governance models with processes to ensure fairness, robustness and a tool managed by the community, and define a sustainability model according to the needs of researchers and European innovation goals.

The system of governance designed for the AI-on-Demand platform unfolds the structure, processes, mechanisms and roles for a platform that operates as an open system, embracing the active involvement and valuable contributions of the AI community, while also taking into account crucial elements such as security, trustworthiness, and ethical principles that align with European values.

It takes into account not only the current state of the art, but also future developments, in particular with respect to a long-term sustainability of the Platform. An overview of business processes related to the platform is also defined with the objective of placing these processes within the broader ecosystem and evolutionary contexts that the AI-on-Demand platform is currently and will remain integrated with.

For each process, decision points are identified and associated with relevant governance mechanisms and procedures.

The AIoD Governance Model can be found here.

Our History

AIoD History - Infographic

How to get involved? 

The AIOD platform is a community resource, and its success depends on the active engagement of the entire European AI Ecosystem. The platform is therefore open to all individuals or organizations interested in technically developing aspects of the platform, leading or contributing to different components, sharing outputs of research or simply sharing news updates or information on forthcoming events. There are multiple avenues to contribute and to guide and decide the direction and features of AIOD platform over the coming years.  

Many cross-project Working Groups are already in place to advance the AIOD, to engage with these, please send an email outlining your interest, or any question to and a representative of the AI4Europe project will redirect you to the appropriate ongoing activities.   

For further information, please join/follow our social media accounts at Twitter (@AIonDemand) and/or LinkedIn (