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1 July, 2021
Society Women in AI

AI4EU Women Experts Awarded Int’l Tecnovisionarie

AI4EU WP9 leader Michela Milano, Professor at the University of Bologna and Dr Fosca Giannotti, Director of Research, Institute of Information Science and Technologies, National Research Council of Italy (ISTI-CNR) received the prestigious Tecnovisionarie Awards in Italy.


Michela and Fosca

In an online ceremony in June, Prof Milano, Director of the Interdepartmental Centre on Human-Centred AI, received the AI award on Sustainability while Dr Fosca Giannotti received the AI Award on Big Data.

Tecnovisionarie (an Italian term for techno visionary) is an International Award promoted by Women & Tech, a Women and Technologies association. The international recognitions are awarded to women who have testified to possess vision, social impact, and transparency and ethics. Candidate women are selected by a jury composed of qualified exponents on Artificial Intelligence. The 2021 edition is centred around the theme: "Artificial Intelligence, feminine excellence".

Excellence and trust are two pillars of Artificial Intelligence: and it is in this direction that the awarded women, thirteen Technovisionaries, carry out their work with passion, to pursue research and apply the results with sensitivity, ethics, and vision.

The full list of women receiving the award is available on the website of the association (in Italian):…

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