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27 October, 2021
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AI4EU Expert Consultation Survey Calls for AI Expert Respondents

The AI4EU project is looking for AI experts across Europe to fill a survey aiming to collect views on Trustworthy and Responsible AI from different angles and disciplinary perspectives.

AI4EU WP5 Working Groups


Expert survey

Designed by the WP5 Working Groups, the survey focuses on aspects of trustworthy AIresponsible AI, implementation, and governance to develop better insights on the European approach toward AI and trustworthiness. 

It takes 15-20 minutes to complete the survey, but YOUR response will help our researchers to gain great understandings of the emerging topics around AI in Europe, which emphasizes, among human-centred AI, on trustworthiness, and policies around the governance of AI. 

The survey aims to collect responses from experts who are working on projects dealing with technical or non-technical aspects of AI. The survey welcomes researchers, professionals who deal with Trustworthy and Responsible AI from different angles and/or disciplinary perspectives (e.g., Computer Science, Engineering, Data Science, Philosophy, Law, Economics, etc.). 

The survey has four parts: Addressing Trustworthy AI; Implementing Trustworthy AI; Governance of AI; and Demographics. The questionnaire was designed mostly with Likert scale questions and multiple choices for ease of response.

This survey does not collect personal data and the involved researchers thank you for the generosity of your time. Every single response is highly relevant and much appreciated!

The survey is funded by AI4EU, a Horizon 2020 project connecting AI stakeholders and AI resources in a dedicated platform. 

Your responses are expected before the end of Oct 2021!

Take part in the survey NOW:

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