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30 June, 2021
Research Education

1st ICT-48 Community Workshop Generates Common Actions Among Networks

The first ICT-48 Community Workshop gathered 75+ participants in an online session in morning of June 30, bringing representatives from the four ICT-48 Networks of Excellence (NoEs), VISION and AI4EU for exchange of ideas and experience while sharing interest collaboration for cross-network activities.


ICT 48

The workshop is scheduled to be a half-day online event where specific topics will be discussed among participants while online networking using the GatherTown tool is available for a virtual poster session. GatherTown allows participants to freely walk around in a virtual environment in their avatars and facilitates informal discussions, chance encounters. All NoEs are invited to set up a booth in Gathertown, where they can display posters, images, and video material.

Topics for discussion include Cross-network scientific challenges; Collaboration on educational activities (AIDA etc.); Cross- and beyond-network communications and outreach & awareness; Industry involvement: TDW/ Hackathon/Challenge; FSTP: best practices, alignment of calls, scope/focus; Coordination of roadmaps: themes, structure, content, timeline; Collaboration between AI Centres of Excellence and DIHs; Compatibility of timelines and processes.

The workshop is a follow-up of the public European Vision for AI 2021 Event that was held on 22 April 2021 and is specifically geared towards the ICT-48 NoEs. The goal is to identify opportunities for synergies and foster collaborations within the NoEs.

The workshop is a joined effort of the VISION Team in collaboration with the Coordinator at Leiden University and the Communications & Outreach Team at CIIRC CTU.

Organisers invited each of the NoEs to nominate a few participants for the workshop. Participants are expected to work on or actively contribute to the cross-network activities. A target number of at least 3-7 participants from each network is set, however, organisers could consider having larger attendance. If you are interested in joining the workshop, please let us know via, we will inform and seek support for such demands from the organisers.

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