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30 June, 2021

Welcome Boot-Camp Gets Winners of AI4EU Call for Solutions Ready

WP8 leader FundingBox is hosting a two-day online boot camp of the AI4EU Support Program for the 40+ winners of the AI4EU Open Call for Solutions on 29-30 June. Each solution provider receives up to 70k Euro for a 6-months program and the boot camp is the first activity in the support pro-gram.


Call for Solutions

The boot camp introduces the solutions providers to the challenge owners. They will also get to know about the AI4EU Platform, support program, join an online training session on how to use the AI4EU Platform services and resources e.g., AI catalogues, AI pipeline through Acumos, publishing those AI resources on the Platform, etc.

 During the boot camp, each solution providers and challenge owners will have an online meeting with their technical mentors to discuss future needs. Matchmaking sessions between challenge owners and solutions providers to kick-off cooperation will be also organized.

At least one solution provider was selected while a few challenges got three or four solution providers working on the challenges. The 13 challenges are AI-based throat-swab robot usable in pandemic prevention; development of information extraction algorithms from photographs; effective management of personally identifiable information (PII) for agri-food data; enhancing clinical AI-workflows; identification of colon cancer risk factors; knowledge extraction for the web of things; AI algorithms to improve vibration monitoring analysis of rotating machinery of ships; exploit or devise machine learning forecasting models to best benefit the urban mobility; modelling of drugs via deep learning neural network; optimize stock management with smart procurement strategy; predict pump lifetime and early failure using pump final quality tests data; reinforcement learning-based machine tool control; road deterioration identification and prediction.

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