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20 June, 2024

AI-on-Demand Webinar Highlights How the Platform Empowers EU Projects

The "Connect, Collaborate, Innovate" AI-on-Demand (AIoD) webinar emphasized its strong community focus and exclusive support for EU-funded projects. Featuring key presentations on AIoD's decentralized architecture, essential services like RAIL and AI-Builder, and strategic communication capabilities, the session highlighted AIoD's pivotal role in fostering innovation within the European AI landscape.


The "Connect, Collaborate, Innovate" AI-on-Demand (AIoD) webinar was a resounding success, highlighting the strong community dimension of this platform. Focusing exclusively on EU-funded projects, the AIoD team demonstrated why AIoD is the go-to hub for all AI European projects.

The session began with a brief presentation from Loredana Bucseneanu of DSME, a key AIoD team member responsible for community engagement. She introduced the speakers and outlined the objectives of the webinar.

Following this, Rafael Tolosana Calasanz from UNIZAR, one of the technical partners of the AIoD platform, took the floor. He explained the platform's architecture, emphasizing its decentralized nature, and described the current user interfaces. Rafael highlighted the platform's three main pillars: the common infrastructure of machines, the single sign-on authentication mechanism, and the metadata catalogue, which is the cornerstone of the platform. He also showcased services already available on the platform, such as RAIL and AI-Builder, and addressed the crucial question of how EU projects can engage with AIoD. Presentation available here:


In the second part of the session, Joana Martinheira from LOBA, the Dissemination & Communication leader of AIoD, detailed the communication services provided by the platform to EU-funded projects and how they can utilize them effectively. Presentation available here:


The final segment featured Claudio Lazo from TNO, a team member of VISION4AI. Claudio presented VISION4AI as a best practice example of maximizing the platform's potential. He described the VISION4AI – AI Ecosystem Mapping Initiative, a tool offering an overview of organizations working on AI-related topics and their application areas. Presentation available here:


The session concluded with two polls to gather feedback from the community: one to understand their expectations from AIoD, and another to identify the most appealing AIoD services. These insights will inform the ongoing work under AI4Europe, one of the projects managing the platform, dedicated to enhancing and expanding AIoD as a community-driven channel.

Thank you to all the participants for making this webinar a success. Stay tuned for more exciting initiatives and opportunities coming soon to the AIoD community!

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