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07.12.2022 | 14:00 - 15:00 (CET)

StairwAI Open Call Webinar

Last days to apply: wrapping up StairwAI 2nd Open Call. Do you want to improve your products, services, or value chains but lack the expertise or funding to do so? Join us to know more!

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Are you still thinking if you need AI to transform your products, services and value chains? AND, are you still thinking about getting 60K EUR to achieve that?

If you haven’t applied yet to StairwAI 2nd open call for SMEs with different maturity levels, this is your chance to hear a wrap-up about the open call and solve our doubts:

The webinar will be hosted by Urszula Sobek (Project Manager at FundingBox for StairwAI) who will cover the following topics:

-Recap of StairwAI 2nd open call and its requirements.

-Insights on the support program.

-Showcase of TOP most asked questions by participants, and answers.

Join us now!