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23.03.2023 | 11:00 - 12:30 (CET)

AI DIH Webinar#2 AI marketplace for DIHs

Discover new services and tools from AI projects.

DIH Webinar 2: AI Marketplace for DIHs

The second webinar of the DIH trilogy will be focused on new services and tools for the AI ecosystem.

The first iteration of the AI-on-demand platform was developed under the leadership of the AI4EU project (ICT26-2019). This initial version of the platform put in place the basic functionalities of the platform and initiated many community efforts to further support the necessary administration and technical development. The initial investment by the European Commission was followed by the funding of six supporting projects (ICT49-2020), each of which is committed to building new innovative services for the platform.

Additionally, in early 2022, under the DIGITAL EUROPE programme, there was a dedicated call focused on putting in place a Preparatory Action that would be responsible to analyze the features and requirements of the platform as they applied to innovation, industry, and the public sector.

These European projects are working on facilitating AI adoption and raising awareness of the use of AI and contributing to shaping the future of the AI on-demand platform. They have developed solutions and created networks to facilitate DIHs to improve their competencies, gain new insights on AI adoption and foster the collaboration among DIHs.

During the second session of our trilogy, you will be guided into the services developed by the ICT-49 projects. We will provide information about valuable technical tools and services integral to its ICT-49 mission. Our services also aim to reinforce and optimise your DIH by presenting the possibilities on how to upgrade the technical resources and capabilities by building relations with HPC providers. At the end of our webinar, we will share some examples from ongoing different projects.

Join us for a session full of winning information on the following topics: 

1. Welcome and Intro            

2. What does AIoD offer for DIHs                 

3. StairwAI Matchmaking Tool - how DIHs and companies can use it?

4. HPC Resources for DIH & tips on how to connect           

5. Bonesyes Marketplace - how can DIH benefit from it?     

6. SMEs stories                      

7. Wrap up and closing

Join our session and help your ecosystem scale up with AI:

Join us for the last session of our trilogy:

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