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09.07.2024 | 15:00 - 16:00 (CET)

AI-Cafe presents: Pressure, hype, and research ethics: exploring the potential of generative AI in academic research

Ola Bonati

In this presentation, Ola Bonati will discuss findings from the report Generative AI in Academic Research across Social Sciences and Humanities recently published by Sound and Vision. The report explores a new angle of AI adoption, from which in-depth interviews helped expose the realities of implementing this technology in an academic setting from the perspective of academic workers. While much attention is being directed to studies of various applications of this technology, the report goes beyond technical requirements to explore the attitudes and support systems essential for mindf
ul and ethical AI use in academia. The presentation will discuss how academic workers are adapting to and shaping the integration of AI in their fields.


Ola Bonati

Ola Bonati is a researcher, storyteller, and facilitator working on topics that explore the implications of various technologies on our lives and culture. In her work, she investigates the consequences of Web 3.0 hype, politics of design, digital monopolies, platform labor, and digital habits. She led workshops and public talks presenting her research at the University of Amsterdam, Reassemble Lab, Dutch Design Week, Fiber Festival, ARS Electronica, IAM Internet, IMPAKT, NODE, The Hmm, AMRO festival, and more. She frequently turns to writing about technology as her main medium but remains hopeful and playful by creating critical new media pieces and interactive workshops.