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StairwAI Launches 3rd Open Call for SMEs


Open Call launched for 32 low-tech SMEs to create a feasibility plan for AI adoption. €10,000 per successful applicant, along with a 2-month programme.

3rd Open Call Banner Image

StairwAI, is a European Union-funded project which aims to facilitate the engagement of low-tech companies on the AI-on-Demand platform, a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for Artificial Intelligence (AI) knowledge, technology, tools, services, and experts.

The project has launched its 3rd, and final, Open Call or funding opportunity for 32 low-tech small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) that do not have immediate access or knowledge on AI techniques to create a feasibility plan for the adoption of AI.

The 32 selected companies will take part in a 2 month programme and will receive up to €10.000, that includes a lump sum payment to cover all related expenses.

Who Can Apply?

StairwAI is looking for low-tech SMEs from any industry to create a feasibility plan for the adoption of AI resources to improve their products, services, or value chains focusing on one of the call-specific challenges.

The project considers low-tech SMEs as any company that is:

  • AI Unaware: It has heard about AI but it is unaware of its applications.
  • AI Aware: It is a savvy consumer of AI solutions and is capable of identifying use cases for AI applications.

Applicant SMEs must also be established in: