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OLiT-T: AI Chatbot for Archaeological LiDAR

We have designed a scientific AI chatbot trained on topical scientific data. We share our experience with data pre-processing, use of different platforms, and more.


OLiT-T is an AI chatbot designed to converse on the topic of archaeology-specific processing of airborne LiDAR data. However, it will be useful to anyone using the Open LiDAR Toolbox and more widely to anyone interested in high-precision and high-transparency processing of LiDAR data.

OLiT-T was trained on the published scientific work on archaeological LiDAR. Currently, it is concurrently based on two different commercial platforms, OpenAI's GPTs and Google's VertexAI. They differ in availability, user experience and mode of distribution. Moving on we aim to focus on the one that offers more value and, if/when possible, to move to an open source solution.