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Artificialy - Remote Vital Signs detection

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Business Category

What is the challenge that is being addressed?

The problem to solve is that of 3D Face Detection, as signals such as 3D face landmarks, skin regions, and head pose are important clues for understanding the health status of a person. For example, based on these signals one can detect head and eye movement, liveness and consciousness, all of which can be used to assess Remote Vital Signs.

What is the AI solution the project plans to implement?

We designed, trained, and deployed in a NVIDIA Jetson embedded device a 3D face detection network capable of accurately locating 3D landmarks and 3D head pose (rotation of the head) . Our solution is robust to changes in the input face angle - even for extreme poses - as it relies on the SynergyNet architecture and incorporates a rotation equivariant version of PointNet. Using a optimised version of our solution we are able to perform real time inference of 3D face landmarks and head pose, and plug these signals into pyVHR to perform remote photoplethysmography for heart rate detection.

How will BonsAPPs support you in implementing this solution?

Using BonsAPP’s tool such as the AI asset and LPDNN, we are able to quickly deploy our solution over a wide range of devices, from x86_64 servers to embedded devices such as the NVIDIA Jetson Nano. Moreover, we have received technical and business mentoring during the pasts 5 months, both of which have enabled us to develop and optimise our machine learning solution, and promote it as a open source tool for the benefit of the Bonseyes marketplace and Bonseyes community.

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