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AI-Cure - Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Smart Buildings

AI-Cure provides tools for verifying the correct installation of machinery and systems, validating telemetry, identifying energy consumption profiles, and predicting system usage.

Additionally, it identifies inefficiencies to provide targeted energy advice and balances energy demand, while simultaneously increasing self-consumption in energy communities.

It is quickly accessible through messaging apps and smart speakers and is suitable for both industry professionals and end users.

In summary, AI-Cure offers a tangible and accessible solution to improve the energy efficiency of Smart Buildings, contributing to environmental sustainability and facilitating the adoption of smarter energy practices.


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A company specialized in home automation systems had the following requirements: reduction of consumption in residential buildings and improvement of the comfort of the people living there.

Based on this, we defined the project objectives as follows: identify HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) wastage using AI and reduce wastage through tailored energy advice.

By month 5, our AI-Cure was able to identify anomalies in devices, sensors, and meters; as a result, the customer could plan smart maintenance.

By month 9, AI-Cure was able to simulate consumption and comfort levels for each room and estimate the impact of the energy advice generated on consumption and comfort; consequently, the customer could consider evolving from energy advice to complete automation of HVAC systems.

AI-Cure has been successfully tested in more than 500 residential homes, with estimated energy savings of 45 percent and a ratio of about 1 to 10 between CO2 produced and CO2 saved.

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