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Hospital Smart development based on AI

HosmartAI – “Hospital Smart development based on AI”, aims to be the most relevant player for the digital transformation of the European healthcare sector, to make the European healthcare system more strong, efficient, sustainable and resilient.

Business Categories

HosmartAI will create a common open Integration Platform with the necessary tools to facilitate and measure the benefits of integrating digital technologies (robotics and AI) in the healthcare system. A central hub will offer multifaceted lasting functionalities (Marketplace, Co-creation space, Benchmarking) to healthcare stakeholders, combined with a collection of methods, tools and solutions to integrate and deploy AI-enabled solutions. The Benchmarking tool will promote the adoption in new settings, while enabling a meeting place for technology providers and end-users.

Eight Large-Scale Pilots will implement and evaluate improvements in medical diagnosis, surgical interventions, prevention and treatment of diseases, and support for rehabilitation and long-term care in several Hospital and care settings. The project will target different medical aspects or manifestations such as Cancer (Pilot #1, #2 and #8); Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders (Pilot #1); Cardiovascular diseases (Pilot #1, #4, #5 and #7); Thoracic Disorders (Pilot #5); Neurological diseases (Pilot #3); Elderly Care and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation (Pilot #6); Fetal Growth Restriction (FGR) and Prematurity (Pilot #1). To ensure a user-centred approach, harmonization in the process (e.g. regarding ethical aspects, standardization, and robustness both from a technical and social and healthcare perspective), the living lab methodology will be employed. HosmartAI will identify the appropriate instruments (KPI) that measure efficiency without undermining access or quality of care. Liaison and co-operation activities with relevant stakeholders and open calls will enable ecosystem building and industrial clustering. HosmartAI brings together a consortium of leading organizations (3 large enterprises, 8 SMEs, 5 hospitals, 4 universities, 2 research centres and 2 associations) along with several more committed organizations (Letters of Support provided).

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