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ENSTA Bretagne is a prestigious French engineering school with an established reputation in the maritime, defense and high-tech sectors. Our excellence is recognized in many fields including all aspects of the naval industry as well as defense equipment and technology, and including the aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, energy, digital and information technology and research sectors.



Robotics is a field of the future that reflects the multidisciplinary nature of ENSTA Bretagne.

Research at ENSTA Bretagne delves more particularly into the challenges of autonomous, mobile and underwater robotics: how can the robot be located? Monitored? How can a fleet of robots be coordinated? … in complex environments like the marine setting.

Multidisciplinary skills need to be brought together to tackle the issues encountered. On the one hand, physics of the marine environment, sensors, design of mobile platforms and programming are required to design robots. On the other, localization and control algorithms enable creation of their embedded intelligence.

The multiple scientific challenges involved in this work (robot autonomy, coordination, stealth, etc.) form the basis of numerous research projects at ENSTA Bretagne, for which it partners with innovative small businesses and corporations in France and abroad.


2, rue François Verny
29806 Brest